25% Discount to Kinderland for AZAL passengers!!


We have great news for all passengers of Azerbaijan Airlines! From now own they will entitled to get a 25% discount for Kinderland’s entrance ticket.

The conditions are as follows:

To take advantage of the discount, visitors must present AZAL boarding pass to the cashier;

The name and surname of the visitor presenting the boarding pass must coincide with the name and surname of the passenger on the ticket;

The discount applies to all passengers flying from December 2021;

One boarding pass provides a discount for one person;

The boarding pass is taken from the visitor so as not to reuse the discount.

Kinderland, located on the 5th floor of Deniz Mall (Baku) and with a total area of ​​5,000 m², is the first children's educational and entertainment center in Azerbaijan. With streets, shops, a bank, a hospital and even an airport, Kinderland is reminiscent of a small model of Baku. This town even has a special currency - "KINDI". Here children meet different professions and both have fun performing roles and get interesting information about these areas of activity. Of particular interest are the installation and professional flight simulator made of the 16-meter fuselage of the Airbus A319. More than 60 types of professional activities on campus are designed for children aged 4-14, and there is also a special playground for children under 4 years old.