Azerbaijan Airlines and Buta Airways provide group discounts for groups consisting of passengers older than 2 years, at least 10 people in economy class, on the same flights of Azerbaijan Airlines and Buta Airways, and in the case of combined group transportation on Azerbaijan Airlines and Buta Airways flights on the same dates through the entire flight route. One-way carriage of passengers will not be regarded as group carriage.
"Group fare" - cost of carriage of one airline passenger within a particular group, without taking into account any taxes and charges.
"Customer" - a person or entity applying to the airline for carriage of a group under special group conditions.
To enable considering the possibility of reservation and calculation of the cost of group carriage, the Customer shall send a standard written application form through the airline's official website or to the email address at which shall contain minimum information about the group, including but not limited to: In addition to the foregoing items, all members of the group shall be directly related to the customer organization.
The carrier shall consider the possibility of carriage of the group and calculate the cost (amount of a discount) within three business days, upon confirmation of receipt of the Customer's application by the airline.
Depending on the date of departure, the Airline divides the group transportation rules into 3 seasons, "Season of high demand", "Season of average demand" and "Season of low demand" - periods that regulate the conditions for granting group discounts. In accordance with the season, the conditions for the size of the group discount, the non-refundable deposit and the terms of its payment, the full registration of the group, free replacements of surnames (group members), the conditions for canceling the booked group transportation change.