The Pilots of AZAL Caught in Severe Turbulence Are Expressed Gratitude

11 八月 2021, 10:19


August 11th, 2021, Baku - On Wednesday, August 11, the management of “Azerbaijan Airlines” met with the airline's pilots who demonstrated their professional skills in operating the aircraft in an area of heavy turbulence at an altitude of more than 10 thousand meters.

To recap, on August 7  when flying from Istanbul to Baku, Azerbaijan Airlines’ Airbus A320 ran into severe turbulence in the sky over Turkey.

The President of AZAL, Mr. Jahangir Asgarov, expressed his gratitude to pilots Emin Babayev, Elshan Sadikhbeyli and Magomed Aliasgarov for the competent and appropriate actions taken when encountering severe turbulence and honored them with valuable gifts.

“The pilots took the aircraft out of the area of severe turbulence and brought the situation under control further continuing the flight in the normal mode,” noted Jahangir Asgarov.

According to him, the flag carrier of Azerbaijan has always attached importance to flight safety and professional training of the crew. The airline's pilots are constantly trained on flight simulators which allows to work out the response capability of the crew when flying an aircraft in various flight conditions.

As noted by Jahangir Asgarov, turbulence is a frequent natural phenomenon that almost every civil aviation pilot encounters. Clear air turbulence (CAT) is impossible to predict, however, it poses no hazard to aircraft.

The flight crew also thanked the management of the Airline for the shown attention noting that they will continue to improve their professional skills and ensure flight operating safety in the future.


Press Service of “Azerbaijan Airlines” CJSC