Family account

1.Each passenger (over the age of 12) registered at AZAL-Miles programme, can create a “Family Account”. 

2.To merge into a single “Family account”, main account should be selected, and the request will be sent by that account.

3.Family account includes parents (main account only) spouse and their children.

4.A request for creating a “Family Account” can be sent via a special registration form on the website

5.To create family account, the member (main account) should send the following documents:

  • For parents – copy of foreign passports, certificate of birth of main account;
  • For spouse – copy of foreign passport, certificate of marriage;
  • For children (over the age of 12) – copy of foreign passports, certificate of birth;


For example: if the main account is father, then the following documents are required: copies of foreign passports of the parents, spouse and children. Copies of birth certificates, of father and his children.

6.Confirmation of “Family Account” will be received within 7 working days after sending duly filled-in request.

7.Only travel points are accrued into a single “Family account”, status points are accrued to each member on an individual account.

8.To accrue points, each family member must present his or her membership number while purchasing a ticket or at the check-in counter at the airport.

9.To get reward tickets on AZAL-Miles Programme, it is necessary to present the main account membership number.

10.If you are willing to change the main account selected earlier, you should send a request to with the copies of the documents mentioned above.

11. When adding a new member to a family account, it is necessary to send a request to with the copies of the documents confirming family ties (list of required documents are mentioned above).

12. Requests for changes in the family account will be reviewed and processed within 14 working days from the date of sending.

Family account sign up

Family account members

Please, list family account members, and upload required documents per each accordingly *

Full Name
AZAL-Miles membership number
Necessary documents

List of required documents

  • For parents - copies of passports, member’s certificate of birth, marriage certificate
  • For spouse - copy of passport, marriage certificate
  • For children - copies of passports, certificate of birth

Please note, that scanned identities maybe in jpg, png or pdf extensions