Classe Affaires

Classe Affaires

Voyagez en tout confort, en toute détente, en Classe Affaires.

Où que vous alliez, vous voyagerez en toute détente dans la Classe Affaires d'Azerbaijan Airlines, parfaite combinaison d'efficacité, commodité et confort.

Vous y trouverez:

  • Plus d'espace personnel pour le travail et la détente, des sièges avec plus d'espace pour étendre vos jambes et à inclinaison élargie
  • Priorité aux comptoirs d'enregistrement aux aéroports et à l'embarquement
  • Accès aux salles de la Classe Affaires dans les aéroports

- Franchise de bagages accrue

Le billet Classe Affaires inclut 2 bagages d'un poids allant jusqu'à 32 kg chacun et 2 bagages à main allant jusqu'à 10 kg chacun

Les bagages extra peuvent être transportés moyennant supplément.

Pour de plus amples informations sur les bagages autorisés
Repas Classe Affaires complets et boissons servies dans de la porcelaine.

In addition to meals passengers are offered a wide range of non-alcoholic and alcoholic drinks such as champagne, whiskey, cognac, rum, vodka, gin, tequila, beer, martini, liqueur, foreign and local wines. Throughout the flight, coffee, cappuccino, hot chocolate, espresso, decaf coffee and a variety of teas are served.

Des repas spéciaux peuvent également être réservés à l'avance, au moins 24 heures avant le départ de votre vol si vous avez des exigences alimentaires particulières.

During the flight, passengers can watch a movie or listen to music, and the kids will spend their time quietly watching their favorite cartoons. Our experienced cabin crews pay special attention to children, giving them a magical children's set with entertaining games, Magic Sticker, soft toy and travel pillow.

Azerbaijani and foreign prints are also distributed on board our aircraft, the choice of which is offered to passengers depending on the flight direction.

You can find the following publications in seat-back: "Azerbaijan Airlines" in-flight magazine, as well as "On-Board Sales Catalogue" and "Ideal".

Colorfully and illustrated publication of our inflight magazine will acquaint you with useful and interesting information. It provides information about fascinating travels, amazing places, beautiful cities of the world, the latest news from the cultural, business, industrial sphere. We take into account the tastes and interests of people of different ages and professions, which makes the publications attractive and interesting different from the rest. Flight chart of the company, transfer tables at the airports, etc. are also presented on its pages.

On board our aircraft you are given the opportunity to make purchases. Look at the pages of the "On-Board Sales Catalog" and get acquainted with the assortment of perfumery and cosmetic products, as well as souvenirs and gift items.

The travel kit offered to Business Class passengers consists of personal hygiene items, accessories designed specifically for our passengers. Individual plaids and pillows are also presented.

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