Rules for Passengers

With the ever-growing threat of terrorism, it is of the utmost importance to Azerbaijan Airlines that we ensure the safety of our passengers at all stages of air travel. From check-in to the collection of luggage at the destination airport, we are paying special attention to passenger safety in flight and in compliance with the established order on board our aircraft.

Some passengers, under alcoholic intoxication, ignore the established rules of conduct in flight and commit illegal acts on board the aircraft, thus destabilizing the psychological climate on board, seriously impeding the normal work of the crew and bringing discomfort to other passengers and ultimately posing a real threat to flight safety. Under such circumstances, provisions of the 1963 Tokyo Convention apply, under which the pilot in command, in order to ensure safety and maintain discipline on board, can disembark any passenger who has committed or is about to commit an act that would endanger the aircraft, other passengers and their property on the territory of any state where the aircraft lands. Acting within the framework of international and national laws, Azerbaijan Airlines provides crew members of its aircraft a wide range of powers to curb unlawful activities and restore order on board. In the event of any aggressive acts committed by passengers, crew members are entitled to use all possibilities, including measures of physical restraint, to resolve the situation and send the offender to law enforcement officials at the airport. Additionally, pilots in command of Azerbaijan Airlines aircraft have the right to make an unplanned landing at any nearest airport to restore order on board and ensure the safety of passengers.

We request that you familiarize yourself with the following rules of conduct in flight to avoid unpleasant situations during your flight.

Every passenger on board the aircraft becomes part of aviation security requirements. For violations of aviation security rules, regulations and requirements on domestic flights, passengers bear responsibility in accordance with the applicable legislation of the Republic of Azerbaijan. For violations of aviation security rules, regulations and requirements on international flights, passengers bear responsibility in accordance with the requirements of international air law (international conventions on civil aviation) and the legislation of the country of destination or stopover countries, regardless of the country of registration or operation of the aircraft.

Classification of offenses on board the aircraft: 

Violation of the rules of conduct on board the aircraft during the flight shall mean the following:

  • Violation of the rules of conduct established by the airline (smoking, use of electronic devices, etc.);
  • Attack (physical violence), intimidation or threats against members of the crew or obstruction of the crew in carrying out its responsibilities;
  • Attack (physical abuse), intimidation or threats against other passengers;
  • Failure to fulfill the requirements of the crew to comply with the rules of aviation security;
  • Use of drugs or excessive alcohol leading to intoxication;
  • Misbehavior, abuse, verbal abuse, etc.;
  • Abuse or violence (actions) in relation to adult or underage passengers;
  • Malicious (intentional) damage (destruction) or disabling the property or equipment of the aircraft;
  • Other violations (unauthorized smoking, misuse of electronic devices, failure to leave a passenger terminal and aircraft, etc.);
  • Any other conduct threatening flight safety or having signs of a crime responsibility for which is envisaged under criminal legislation of the Republic of Azerbaijan.


The passenger committing the above acts is considered to have breached the Rules of conduct on air transport and on board the aircraft of the Republic of Azerbaijan.

Without confining itself to these methods only, Azerbaijan Airlines has introduced a system of accounting and monitoring of persons who have committed offenses on our flights. Such persons are included on the "List of unwanted passengers" for a period of three months or more depending on the degree of public danger of the offense.

Besides including offenders on the "List of unwanted passengers,” the airline reserves the right to press for a recovery of all expenses it has incurred due to the unlawful actions in a judicial manner.


Dear passengers and customers

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