Customer Frequently Asked Questions: - Azerbaijan Airlines

About AZAL-Miles Programme

1. What is AZAL-Miles?

AZAL-Miles is the Frequent Flyer Programme of Azerbaijan Airlines. AZAL-Miles Programme members can earn Travel Points and Status Points by flying on Azerbaijan Airlines.

2. What are Travel Points?

Travel Points are collected on flights with Azerbaijan Airlines; they can be used to pay for the base fare of flights and upgrades with Azerbaijan Airlines. Travel Points are awarded based on the value of the tickets purchased.

3. What are Status Points?

Status Points are collected on flights with Azerbaijan Airlines, they cannot be exchanged for anything, they are awarded/collected and count toward qualification for the membership levels of AZAL-Miles programme. They are earned on each flight; the value of Status Points earned is based on the destination and the class of travel.

4. What are Bonus Travel Points?

Bonus Travel Points are the extra Travel Points that you earn once you progress from Classic membership to Silver, Gold or Platinum. Silver members earn an additional 25% of points, Gold members earn an additional 100% and Platinum members earn an additional 200% of points, these additional points are identified within the membership statement as Bonus Travel Points. These points are exactly the same as Travel Points; they have the same value and validity.

5. Are there Flights where I do not receive Travel and Status Points?

You cannot collect points on flights that are not operated by Azerbaijan Airlines, or for charter flights or Reward flights where points were used to pay for the ticket.

6. How do I qualify for higher levels of membership within the AZAL-Miles programme?

Earning Status Points in a membership year is the way to progress through the membership levels, the more Status Points you earn in a membership year, the higher the level of your membership will be. For more information on qualification, criteria for each Membership Level please visit the website

7. What is a Membership Year?

Your membership runs from the date you register for the programme to the last day of the month in which you joined, in the following year.

8. Do I qualify for access to the Azerbaijan Business Lounges?

On international flights of “Azerbaijan Airlines” at Heydar Aliyev Airport Gold and Platinum card holders during check-in providing their membership cards and boarding pass confirming flights together with their child and one family member (parent/ spouse or child under 12) can enjoy access to the Business Lounge at Heydar Aliyev Airport. Furthermore Platinum card holders save this benefit in all international airports on “Azerbaijan Airlines” international flights.

AZAL MILES Registration:

9. How do I register in the new programme?

For being the program member, it is enough to be registered online at or on AZAL-Miles mobile app.

10. How do I complete re-registration in the programme?

To complete re-registration you need to send your AZAL-Miles card number and email address  to our official email address (For example: 771000000000 - The request will be processed within one working day, after this we will send a temporary password to your address. You can complete re-registration on our web site (AZAL-Miles- Sign in profile) and on Mobile App by using your AZAL-Miles card number and temporary password.

11. If I have not received an email notification, what should I do?

If you do not receive notification, please send your request to or contact to (012) 598-88-80).

12. If more than one card is registered using the same e-mail address, will new membership numbers for each member be issued?

With the flexibility of having up to 5 family members registered using the same email address each family member will keep their existing membership number.

13. When I re-register, will I be given a new membership number?

No, you will keep your existing membership number.

14. Is it possible to register in the AZAL Miles programme with a mobile phone via SMS messages?

No. You can register only in the program with an e-mail address. Registration via SMS-message is not possible.

15. Is it possible to register or pass re-registration as a member of the AZAL-Miles  programme using AZAL-Miles Mobile App?

Yes, the mobile application is available for both iOS and Android devices and can be used to register or pass re-registration as a member of AZAL MILES.

16. After re-registration are my previously accumulated points still valid?

For all existing members with a points balance; your points will be saved and available to redeem once you have activated your account by completing the re-registration process in full.

17. If I have not re-registered, do I continue to accumulate points on my account for my flights?

If you present your AZAL-Miles membership card when purchasing a ticket or on check-in, the points are accumulated to the member's account.

18. How can I check the number of my accumulated points today? 

On the website or AZAL-Miles Mobil App, by logging into your personal profile, you can check the number of points on your account.  Also you can contact the AZAL MILES Team (Contacts (012) 598-88-80).

19. Will I receive a new membership card?

All new members of the AZAL-Miles programme join the programme at the entry level Classic for which a card is not issued.  A new card will only be issued to existing Silver, Gold or Platinum programme members when they have successfully re-registered and activated their accounts.

20. If I am the owner of the Silver, Gold, Platinum status is my status retained in the new programme?

If you are a Silver, Gold, Platinum member, you will keep your existing member status in the new programme. However, to maintain your Silver / Gold / Platinum membership you are required to earn the published number of status points for your membership level before the expiry date shown on your new card.

21. How do I get new Silver, Gold, Platinum cards?

If you are currently a Silver / Gold / Platinum member and you have gone through the process of re-registration, within 20 days you will receive a new membership card which will be sent to the address you provided as part of your member registration.

22. While I am waiting for my new card what Frequent Flyer membership number should I use to purchase tickets?

Your membership number remains the same therefore please quote your existing membership number when purchasing tickets. 


Earning Points:

23. How many Travel Points will I earn from my flights?

Travel Points are earned on the Euro value of the ticket. For example, a Classic Member will earn 200 points for a ticket purchased for €200 (excluding taxes, surcharges and airport charges).

Note: The number of points earned will vary depending on the Membership Level; more points are awarded per Euro for higher levels of membership.

24. How do I know that I have earned the right amount points for a flight ticket purchased for my Tier Status?

On your statement, each month there will be a detailed breakdown of the flight/s you have purchased and subsequently flown. The statement description will provide a breakdown of the points earned by showing the Travel Points earned for the ticket purchase and the extra Travel Points earned based on your Tier Status, shown as Bonus Travel Points in your statement.

For Example:

A member that purchases a ticket for €500. There will be two entries on the statement:

1. An entry for the Travel Points earned (1 point per €1) for the ticket purchase of €500 = ‘500 Base Travel Points’

2. An entry for the Bonus Travel points earned based on the members Tier status:

Silver Members: 25% Bonus Travel Points = 125 points

Gold Members: 100% Bonus Travel Points = 500 points

Platinum Members: 200% Bonus Travel Points= 1000 points

For Classic members there are no Bonus Travel Points.

Silver Member Statement Example:



Flight from Baku to Prague on flight (J2109/05AUG15)   



Silver Tier Travel Points (Flight from Baku to Prague on flight (J2109/05AUG15)



25. Can I claim Travel  Points for travel completed prior to my enrolment in the AZAL-Miles Programme?

Members registered in the program have the opportunity to restore their points over the past 180 days for flights committed before signing up in the program. The interval of the last 180 days is counted from the date of sending the request for “not accrued points”

26. When will I receive Points for my flights?

If your AZAL-Miles membership number is provided while making your reservation and/or at check-in, your points will normally be added to your AZAL-Miles membership account within 7 working days after the flight was taken.

27. How can I earn Points?

You qualify to earn Travel and Status points by flying on Azerbaijan Airlines and earn Travel Points   by using Silk Way bank card.

28. Can I earn and use my points on code-share flights?

AZAL-Miles members earn points on all scheduled flights operated by Azerbaijan Airlines only.

29. Can I earn points if the name recorded on my AZAL-Miles profile and the name on my ticket is not identical?

No. To earn points, the name on your AZAL-Miles account needs to match the name on your ticket.


Using Travel Points

30. How many days in advance do I need to book a Reward ticket?

Reward tickets are available on a first customer served basis, as seats are limited, the earlier you make the booking the better the chances of us being able to meet your request. For both Reward tickets and upgrades, using Travel Points require a minimum of 24 hours’ notice before scheduled departure.

31. How can I purchase Reward Ticket?

Reward tickets can be applied for through the designated travel agents or representations of Azerbaijan Airlines.

32. Can I use my Points for another person?

No. Points can only be used by the member who earned the points.

33. Is it possible to make date changes on Reward tickets?

Only departure time and date of reward tickets can be changed. Silver, Gold and Platinum members can make these changes  FREE OF CHARGE, but Classic members have to pay fees in the ammount of 50 EUR (OW).

After departure all the members of programme can make the changes mentioned above in the reward ticket by paying fees in the amount of 75 EUR (OW).

34. What do I do if I have a Reward ticket and am not able to use it?

The passenger has possibility to change departure date within 24 hour prior to the flight. Cancellation and refund of rewarded tickets is not permitted. For more detailed information about program rules, please visit

35. What is the validity of my Reward ticket?

Reward tickets are valid for the specific flight and the specific destinations and dates.

36. How many Travel Points are required for a service class upgrade?

Please refer to the Redemption table for details on the AZAL website.

37. How can I upgrade my flight with Travel Points?

You are required to have a paid "Y" Economy or Business class ticket; you are then able to use Travel Points to upgrade to Business or VIP Club class by contacting the sales office that issued the original ticket. 

38. How do I arrange an upgrade?

Reservations for upgrades can be made through Azerbaijan Airlines offices or designated sales offices upon presenting your membership number and your paid tickets.

39. Can I transfer my Points to another carrier's frequent flyer programme?

Currently it is not possible to transfer points to or from any other airline frequent flyer programme.

40. Can my spouse benefit from my Points?

 Only the member named on the card may use the card. 

Membership Card

41. Do I receive a membership card?

Silver, Gold and Platinum members receive a physical membership card; Classic members will receive a virtual card via email.

42. How many different membership levels does the AZAL-Miles Programme offer?

There are four levels of membership in the AZAL-Miles Programme: Classic, Silver, Gold, and Platinum.

43. What is the validity of Membership?

Classic membership is the first membership level, which is valid until the member is either upgraded or the membership lapses, when no flight is taken within a 36-month period. Silver and Gold membership have an annual validity period and the Platinum membership has a two year validity.


My Account

44. How can I access my AZAL MILES membership account?

Just use the web page (AZAL-Miles “Sign in profile”) and enter AZAL-Miles membership number with valid password. You also are able to sign in profile via AZAL-Miles Mobile App.

45. How do I change my personal details (name, surname and birth date) on my AZAL MILES card?

To change the personal details (name, surname and birth date) the member should send the membership number, copy of passport, the document confirming personal details changes to  or contact Azerbaijan Airlines office providing mentioned documents.


46. How do I update my Personal Profile information?

You can update your personal profile details by logging on to your membership account. Log in to your account and click on “Update Profile”.

47. How do I check the points registered under my account?

To find out details about your points balances log in to your Member  account and click on the ‘Statements’ option and this will provide details of transactions and balance for both Travel and Status points.



48. Are the Benefits of AZAL-Miles Membership valid only on Azerbaijan Airlines flights?

Yes, presently all benefits associated with Membership are only available on Azerbaijan Airlines operated flights.

49. What is a code-share flight?

A “Code-Share” flight is a common form of co-operation amongst airlines, where one airline operates a flight with its aircraft, and the flight is published and independently sold through the designated partner of the operating airline and of its co-operation partner.

50. How can I claim missing points?

If the points haven’t been added automatically within 7 days after flight, the member should send a copy of boarding pass (or e-ticket number) and membership number to 

51. When do my Points expire?

The Travel points accrued to the balance, in the case of non-use for 36 months (from the date of the accrual account), will be will be canceled at the end of the month accrual.

52. Can I purchase Travel or Status Points?

The purchase of Travel or Status points is not currently possible.

53. Can I merge membership accounts with another person?

It is not possible to merge membership accounts that belong to other AZAL-Miles members.

54. Where can I find the General Rules of the Programme?

Please visit the  website and click on “Terms and Conditions” from the AZAL Miles Menu.

55. Who should I contact for my questions about AZAL-Miles?

Please contact the AZAL-Miles Call Centre +994125988880

56. When will the Travel Points earned from purchases made with my Silk Way Bank Card be credited to my AZAL-Miles account?

Points earned by using a Silk Way Bank credit card will be credited to your AZAL-Miles account monthly and within 10 days of your issued credit card statement.