Animals in baggage

Transportation of animals

The animals are accepted for carriage only subject to the airline’s consent, and there are limitations on what animals you can carry, and how many. If you have decided to travel with your pet, be sure to let us know when booking or purchasing your ticket or by calling our Call Center no later than 24 hours before the scheduled time of departure.  The maximum weight of pet (including bird) together with the container for the transportation in baggage hold shall not exceed 75 kg.

Preparing your pet for the flight

To make your pet calmly during the flight, it should be prepared for it far in advance. For six months, or even earlier, buy a pet carrier that meets the requirements of the airline, put a cozy, familiar litter and its toys in it — it should become a favorite place, not a prison cell. Let the animal be comfortable with the cage at home.

Large dogs with container weighing from 32 to 75 kg shall be transported in special closed containers in the baggage hold in accordance with the following requirements:

  • Container shall conform to dog sizes in height, width and length and be selected so that pet could not only sit and lie, but stand in full growth and freely rotate 360°;

  • The marking on the container shall indicate the maximum permissible weight of the transported animal, as well as the weight of the empty container;
  • Two parts of the cage shall be bolted together. The use of cages with any other locking system is not allowed;
  • Any container with an animal weighing more than 32 kg shall be equipped with at least two side handles;
  • One fixedly attached water bowl shall be installed in the cage;
  • The door shall be equipped with a centralized locking system that closes the lock on all four sides. In addition, it is necessary to use bundle ties also on all sides;
  • Cage wheels shall be removed or, if they move, they shall be pushed or fixed with adhesive tape;
  • The cage floor shall be covered with a blanket, newspapers or other absorbent material. Please note that the use of straw and peat is prohibited; In order to avoid damage during loading/unloading of the container with the animal in the aircraft, the additional folding handles shall be folded and fixed with adhesive tape.


Declaration of responsibility for carriage of live animal (PDF)

Charges for the carriage of animals by “Azerbaijan Airlines” CJSC:

AVIH (animal in hold)  – is not included in the free baggage allowance and is charged at special rates depending to the actual weight and size.

Weight of animal and cage: under 32 kg –  50 EUR; (40 GBP; 60 USD; 210 AED);

Weight of animal and cage:  32 kg - 75 kg – 100 EUR; (80 GBP; 120 USD; 420 AED)

Size of the cage (sum of three dimensions) more than 158 cm (less than 203 cm) – additionally  50 EUR. (40 GBP; 60 USD; 210 AED);

Size of the cage (sum of three dimensions) more than 203 cm – additionally  100 EUR; (80 GBP; 120 USD; 420 AED )

PETC  (animal in cabin) – is not included in the free hand baggage allowance and will be charged at the rate of  50 EUR (40 GBP; 60 USD; 210 AED ).

 Only two pets in cage (cat, dog, fancy birds) of the same yield total weight of which must not exceed 8 kg are accepted for the carriage in cabin. Size of container (cage) in sum of three dimension must not exceed  115 cm (55х20х40 ). If the weight of animal together with its cage exceeds  8  kg, the animal is accepted for transportation in baggage compartment.

In order to ensure the safety of flights, as well as the safety of the property of passengers and the airline, the transportation of large and aggressive dogs in standard containers made of hard plastic is unacceptable.

For the transport of such animals, as well as dogs, whose weight together with the container is in the range from 32 to 75 kg, specially made containers of hardwood, metal, plywood or similar materials equipped with a pair of locking locks on each side of the door should be used.

Animals weighting more than  75  kg are checked and accepted for the carriage only as cargo.

The transportation of live animals must be preliminary requested and approved in  PNR  through  SSR .