Joint Trial Project of "IATA Travel Pass" and Azerbaijan Airlines for digital certification of COVID-19 test results

AZAL, together with the International Air Transport Organization (IATA), is launching a trial project “IATA Travel Pass” in preparation for the adoption of digital COVID-19 credential apps.

What are Digital Certificate Apps?

Digital Health Credential apps make possible for passengers to view and manage their COVID-19 test results from IATA registered health care agencies on their smartphones or other devices. It is also possible to check the immigration and quarantine requirements of the destination country via TIMATIC.

Upon check in at the airport, the app can be used to show proof of COVID-19 test results.

Features of the IATA Travel Pass

The app has been developed by IATA (the International Air Transport Association), an organization to which most of the world's airlines are members. It is a digital certificate app being tested and introduced with the aim of putting it into practical use with the highest information security standards and in accordance with global regulations.

AZAL is participating in this trial along with many other airlines around the world; and we are honored to announce the IATA Travel Pass will be available on AZAL’s selected international routes for a limited time.

Passengers will start by registering their passport. Then they can safely manage their COVID-19 test results in the app. The results can be checked in advance, and if the result is negative and after verification of the requirements of the country of destination, “OK to Travel” will be displayed on the screen.

By showing the “OK to Travel” screen at the check-in counter, passengers will be able to complete their check-in procedure smoothly.*

Also, 250 miles will be accumulated to those customers using the IATA Travel Pass mobile app during this period; for this passengers should fill out a questionnaire that will be sent after the trip.

Please ensure you also have your negative result certificate in the required format (e.g. printed)

Routes on which the trial will be performed

  • AZAL - Baku-Istanbul-Baku (GYD-IST-GYD)
  • AZAL - Baku-Moscow-Baku (GYD-DME-GYD)
  • Buta Airways - Baku-Istanbul-Baku (GYD-SAW-GYD)
  • Buta Airways - Baku-Zhukovsky-Baku (GYD-ZIA-GYD)


Period for which the trial will be valid

Flights performed from August 2nd to September 20th, 2021.

Please note that the trial period is subject to change; passengers will be notified in advance on our website or social media.

Who can participate

• Citizens of all countries departing from Azerbaijan

• Citizens of Azerbaijan arriving in the Republic of Azerbaijan.

Each passenger needs to register in his/her own device.

Benefits for participants

  • 250 miles will be deposited to AZAL miles account after completing the questionnaire provided after the flight. (According to the number of times a customer participates in the trial, 250 miles will be credited for each travel under trial terms and conditions);
  • Priority check-in at all airports;
  • Fast track service during border control upon arrival at the Heydar Aliyev International Airport.

About the IATA Travel Pass App


Usage flow

  1. Download the IATA Travel Pass app, register your account, and enter your flight itinerary information.
  2. Make a reservation for your COVID-19 PCR test at a designated healthcare institution.
  3. After receiving a response in the mobile app, and after verification with the requirements of the country of destination, present the “OK to Travel” screen on the app along with other required travel documents at the check-in counter.

*In addition to the IATA Travel Pass, please be sure to bring a printed negative test certificate.

IATA Travel Pass App Installation


Download the app

Step 1

Launch the downloaded app and enter the invitation code. You can download the IATA Travel Pass app for iOS devices (version 13.2 and above) and Android devices (version 6.0 and above) using the links:


Accept the data policy and terms of use to proceed.

Step 2

  • Take a profile photo and register your passport information.
  • For the profile photo, you will be required for a still image and also a movie to capture facial motions.
  • To register passport information, you need to take a photo of the machine-readable area of your passport (found at the bottom of the page with your photo).


Step 3

Select “Your Flights” menu from the home screen and register your flight information. After you enter your departure date and airline, a list of flights is displayed.

In addition, by registering flight information, you can check the travel requirements for your destination.

Step 4

Passengers must make their own booking for the COVID-19 PCR test at one of the designated labs. When visiting the laboratory, you must also take your original passport with you. Passengers must also inform the laboratory agent that they are participating in a trial version of the IATA Travel Pass.

Select “Connect” menu from the home screen, activate your device's camera in the mobile app and scan the 2D/3D barcode presented by the healthcare institution. Verify your identity by entered your name and passport number.

By sharing data, your test results will be received by your IATA Travel Pass app.

Note that PCR test results are not automatically linked to the IATA Travel Pass app without completing the above steps.

Step 5

Once your test results have been delivered from your healthcare institution your COVID-19 Travel Pass will be available from the “Your Flights” menu. Your travel preparations will be complete if a green screen with a tick mark appears with your name, passport number, flight information and PCR test results.

If instead a red screen with a cross appears, check the Travel Requirements at the bottom of the screen for any missing items.

Please show this screen to the airport staff on the day of your departure. Do not forget to also take all the documents necessary for the trip, as well as the printed result of the test for COVID-19 since they may be asked by border control officers.

Let us note once again that 250 miles will be credited to the AZAL Miles account after completing the questionnaire provided after the flight.

If you have any questions, please contact the airline's support service by email ( or by phone (+994 (12) 598 88 80).

COVID-19 Test

To use the IATA Travel Pass you must take a COVID-19 (PCR) test at an applicable medical lab.

The cost of the test and issuance of any test result certification, etc. are at your own cost.

Medical laboratories participating in the IATA Travel Pass project:











Addresses of Laboratories (LIST)
Azerbaijan Bona Dea Laboratory Baku, 2 Mehdi Abbasov Str..
Azerbaijan Inci Laboratories LLC Central Branch - Baku, Bul-Bul ave., 58G.
Azerbaijan Inci Laboratories LLC HB Guven Clinic - Baku, Ataturk ave., 3078.
Azerbaijan Inci Laboratories LLC “Yeni Ganja” Medical Center - Ganja, 28 May str., 28.
Azerbaijan Inci Laboratories LLC Tovuz Branch - Tovuz, Musa Musayev str., 1.
Azerbaijan Inci Laboratories LLC Sumgait Hospital - Sumgait, 12th district, Cherkasy str., 181.
Azerbaijan Leyla Medical Center MMC Baku city, Khatai district, Yusif Safarov 19
Azerbaijan Referans Clinical Laboratory Center & Polyclinic Baku city, Narimanov district, M.Mammadzade str. 8A Near Nakhchivan Representation
Azerbaijan Referans Clinical Laboratory Center & Polyclinic Baku city, M. Mirgasimov 25 A, near Nasimi market
Azerbaijan Referans Clinical Laboratory Center & Polyclinic Mardkan brunch Baku city, Mardakan settlement, Yesenin street 58
Azerbaijan Referans Clinical Laboratory Center BNA brunch Baku city, inside BNA Koroglu Exchange Center
Azerbaijan Referans Clinical Laboratory Center Mobile Train Khachmaz region, inside the railway station
Azerbaijan Referans Clinical Laboratory Center & Polyclinic Akhmedli Brunch Baku city,Khatai district, M.Hadi str 229 D
Azerbaijan 36,6 Med Referans Ganja Ganja city, Kapaz district, Ataturk avenue 120 B
Azerbaijan MasMedical Center Masalli Masalli district, Karabakh street 20
Azerbaijan Referans Clinical Laboratory Center Sea Breeze Medical point The Sea Breeze Resort & Residences
Azerbaijan Referans Clinical Laboratory Center Agstafa brunch Agstafa district, inside the railway station
Azerbaijan Saglam Aile Group 156c Asif Maharramov, Baku
Azerbaijan Saglam Aile Group Ganja city, Azerbaijan Bayraqi 1
Azerbaijan Saglam Aile Group 3, 10 Ahmad Rajabli, Baku
Azerbaijan Saglam Aile Group Jafar Jabbali 56 , Sumqayit
Russia Citilab Khoroshevskoye Shosse, 43
Russia Citilab Khoroshevskoye Shosse, 90
Russia Citilab Marshala Chuykova, 12
Russia Citilab Mitinskaya Ulitsa, 48
Russia Citilab Yeletskaya Ulitsa, 11
Turkey Cagdas Laboratuvar Merkez Samli Sokak Serdar Apt No : 25 Kat : 1
Turkey Eurofins Istasyon Cad. No.21 D.2 34149 Yesilkoy
Turkey Eurofins Kultur Mah. Uydu sok. Gundes apt. No:4 D:1 Ulus
Turkey Eurofins Valikonagi Caddesi‚ cam Apt. No:161 / 10 Nisantasi
Turkey Eurofins Maslak Mah. Ahi Evran Cad. No:1/H Nurol Plaza Sariyer
Turkey Eurofins Istanbul Cad. 2.Kartal Sok. Basaran Plaza No:1 Gokturk Kemerburgaz
Turkey Eurofins Caddebostan, Cemil Topuzlu Caddesi, Fazilet Sumer Sitesi No:44/1 D:2
Turkey Eurofins Gayrettepe Mah. Yildiz Posta Caddesi No:26 Ayyildiz Sitesi
Turkey Eurofins Tepecik Yolu. No:28/A Etiler
Turkey Eurofins Semsettin Gunaltay Cad. Manolya Apt. No: 184/B
Turkey Eurofins Mimar Sinan Mah. Mimar Sinan Cad. Carpe-Diem Is Merkezi No :1 D:7
Turkey Eurofins Adnan Kahveci Mahallesi Erenler Cad. Beyaz Evler Sitesi E Blok 11 / 20
Turkey Eurofins Incirli cad. Santral cikmazi Toprak Bloklari A-Blok 1/2
Turkey Eurofins Bahcesehir 1. Kisim, Suzer Bulvari & Kemal Sunal Cad., Bahcesehir 1.Kisim Defne 2 Adasi B9 Blok D:1
Turkey Eurofins Isiklar Caddesi QB Med Plaza No : 37
Turkey Eurofins Atilla Ilhan Cad. No:8/1
Turkey Eurofins Barbaros Mah. Feslegen Sok. No:1/C Agaoglu My Office Is Merkezi 3B
Turkey Eurofins Apt. No:109, Acibadem Mahallesi, Acibadem Caddesi K:2, 34700, Kadikoy, Turkey

Please inform the medical lab upon reception that you are participating in the IATA Travel Pass trial with “Azerbaijan Airlines”.

Dear passengers and customers

Please take into account that due to the ongoing technical work our WhatsApp support service will be temporarily disabled. Please send your requests to or via the feedback form on our website: