Electronic Tickets

An electronic ticket is the electronic form of a ticket offered instead of the traditional paper ticket. It is safely stored in the airline’s electronic database. A passenger receives a Passenger Itinerary Receipt, which contains information about the passenger, the itinerary, tariffs, payment, sales office, etc., as well as the agreement on air travel. The reservation process is not affected by the form of the ticket and is carried out in the standard manner.

The electronic ticket is stored electronically, therefore the passenger:

  • Cannot forget or lose it, nor can it be stolen
  • Can change the conditions of air travel through information service by calling +994 (12) 598 88 80, or by visiting SW Travel ticket offices or those of authorized agents
  • May buy electronic tickets for family or friends who are currently in another city, and who will only need to complete the check-in at the airport of departure by producing official an ID document identification

Where and how can an electronic ticket be acquired?

An electronic ticket can be purchased at SW Travel ticket offices, those of authorized agents, or by visiting the Azerbaijan Hava YollariAirlines website –-www.azal.az – or the official website of SW Travel – www.swtravel.az. The website is the fastest and most convenient way to purchasing an electronic ticket: you simply reserve and pay for the ticket online, print out an Itinerary Receipt, pick up your ID document and come check-in at the airport.

How can I pay for an electronic ticket?

When buying an electronic ticket at SW Travel ticket offices, or those of authorized agents, payment can be made by either a VISA/Mastercard credit card or in cash. When buying an electronic ticket online, payment can be made via VISA credit card.

How is the purchase of an electronic ticket verified?

When a passenger chooses to travel using an electronic ticket, he is issued a Passenger Itinerary Receipt. Either when payment is made in cash or by a credit card, he is also provided with a fiscal receipt confirming payment.

The Passenger Itinerary Receipt contains complete information about the itinerary, form, details of payment and conditions of carriage, as is the case with a standard ticket.

It is recommended that you keep the Passenger Itinerary Receipt for the entire duration of travel. Besides, the Passenger Itinerary Receipt may be required by aviation security services before you enter the airport, during check-in or at customs inspection. The Passenger Itinerary Receipt will also serve as a return ticket or evidence of your further travel.

What does an electronic ticket certify?

A passenger‘s electronic ticket represents a document used for certification of an agreement for passenger travel and carriage transport of luggage.


Registration with e-ticket

Airport check-in is carried out on the basis of identification documents (passport for adult passengers and a birth certificate for children). Passenger's personal data must conform to those specified in the e-ticket. At the airport check-in passengers are issued a boarding pass and luggage tags (when checking in the luggage at the carrier's liability).

Duplicate boarding passes are not issued. It is necessary to keep boarding passes obtained on check-in up to the end of the journey.

Dear passengers and customers

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