Travelling to Turkey during COVID-19 pandemic

Passengers and airline crew are subject to medical screening.

Please note that in accordance with the guide published by the Directorate General of Civil Aviation, certain flight restrictions apply for arrivals to Turkey. Passengers are required to obey the conditions below for a healthy and safe flight.

∙ All passengers are required to wear masks at the airport and during the flights.

∙ All passengers must complete the passenger information form when arriving to Turkey.

∙ All passengers will undergo a medical examination and those showing symptoms will have tests performed. Passengers with a positive test result will take medical treatment.  

∙ Passengers arriving from Afghanistan and Bangladesh, are not allowed to enter.

•  Passengers who have been in Denmark or South Africa in the last 10 days, should declare their residency address and stay in quarantine for 7 days after the entrance in Turkey. Passengers who have been in United Kingdom in the last 10 days should stay in quarantine for 14 days.

• All passengers travelling to Turkey must complete the online form at within 72 hours prior to arriving to the country. After filling out the form, the passenger will be given a personal code, the validity of which will be checked before departure (the completed questionnaire can be printed or shown on a mobile device).


This form is non-mandatory for transit passengers traveling via Turkey and not crossing the border of this country.

Dear passengers and customers

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