AZAL Miles Mobile App

 Welcome to the new Azal Miles mobile phone App designed specifically for Azal Miles members allowing them to track their Azal Miles activity and plan their use of fee flight and membership benefits. Already there are planned upgrades for this service that will be made available later in the year. These updates will be applied automatically, so don’t delay, download the App today.

Using the App for the first time:

If you are new to AZAL Miles – please select the ‘Register’ option.

You will be presented with a registration page.

Please complete the registration form, ensuring that all fields marked with the ‘*’ symbol are completed (these are mandatory pieces of information required to complete registration). If you have a promotional code from one of our promotions in a magazine or from the airport, please enter this in the appropriate field on the registration screen.

By selecting ‘Register’ the mobile application will create your AZAL Miles account and will send you an email to the registered email address provided during registration. The email will contain confirmation that your new account has been created along with your Frequent Flyer Number (FFN) and a one time password. You will be required to log into your new account using the FFN as the username and the one time password as your password. The application will then ask you to set your own password; once this is done your account is fully registered and active allowing you to earn and redeem the points you collect.

Using the App as an existing Azal Miles Member:

If you are an existing member of AZAL Miles you can use the Mobile Application to check your account details: statement, profile, points balance, enter your username which is your FFN and your personal password to access your account. Use your existing log in details that you use to access Azal Miles on the web.


Once you are logged into your AZAL Miles account you are presented with a screen titled ‘My AZAL’. This screen provides two pieces of essential information:

  1. ‘My Points’ – this is a summary balance of your ‘Travel Points’ and ‘Status Points’ and how many points are required to re-qualify for your existing membership level and how many required to be upgraded to the next membership level.
  2. ‘My AZAL CARD’ – this is your virtual card and it contains important information about your member account:
    • Your Name
    • FFN (Frequent Flyer Number)
    • Expiry Date of the Card
    • Card Type (Platinum, Gold, Silver, Classic)

Card type depends on your Status Points balance. Entry level membership starts with Classic and by collecting Status Points you will progress through the membership levels to Silver, Gold and Platinum.


Accessible from ‘My AZAL’ is ‘MY POINTS STATEMENT’ – This displays all your transactions during the last 12 months. The information shows your transactions in date order with the details of ‘Travel’ and ‘Status’ points earned for each flight taken.

Each transaction item contains:

  • Date of transaction
  • Short description
  • Status Points (Earned)
  • Travel Points type (Earned, Redeemed)

In order to view more transactions the screen can be manually scrolled through or by simply selecting ‘MORE’ at the bottom of the screen the next set of transaction will be shown.

Menu Function: 

By selecting the Menu icon “” the Mobile Application presents you with a list of additional functions and Information sources.


MY BOARDING PASSES – by selecting ‘My Boarding Passes’ the application gives you the option to retrieve Boarding Pass for a flight you have already checked into. By selecting the + symbol the application requires you to enter the booking reference code (5 character code on your ticket) and your Surname; once these fields are completed select ‘GET BOARDING PASS’ and the application will retrieve the Boarding Pass and display it on the screen. The application will store all Boarding Passes you retrieve through the app and display on the main ‘My Boarding Pass’ screen in summary format.


MY PROFILE – by selecting ‘My Profile’ the application will present a screen with all your personal detail available to view. Your profile can be edited by selecting the pencil icon “” in the top right hand corner of the screen.

The profile edit screen will display your current email address and mobile phone numbers. To change either the email address or the mobile number; the information is required to be entered twice into the email address fields or the mobile number fields this provides the application with a confirmation, verifying the accuracy of the changes made.

Once you have entered your new details please select ‘Save Changes’ button to send the change request. AZAL will send you a confirmation e-mail of your profile update.

CHANGE MY PASSWORD – To change your password please enter your old password in the appropriate field and then enter your new password in the appropriate fields. Your new password is required to be entered twice to verify an exact match.

Your Password must be between 6-10 characters and must contain at least one alphabet character and one number.

By Selecting ‘SAVE NEW PASSWORD’ AZAL will send you an email confirming the change.


The additional menu options provide you with detailed information to help and support your understanding the AZAL Miles programme and provide you with the key contacts should further information be required:

  • About AZAL
  • Terms & Conditions
  • Privacy Policy
  • FAQ’s
  • Contact Details

Dear passengers and customers

Please take into account that due to the ongoing technical work our WhatsApp support service will be temporarily disabled. Please send your requests to or via the feedback form on our website: