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Certified by IATA Operational Safety Audit (IOSA)

IATA Operational Safety Audit  (IOSA)
The IATA Operational Safety Audit (IOSA) program is an internationally recognized and accepted evaluation system designed to assess the operational management and control systems of an airline. IOSA's quality audit principles are designed to conduct audits in a standardized manner.


With the implementation and international acceptance of IOSA, airlines and regulators achieve the following benefits:
  • A reduction of costs and audit resource requirements for airlines and regulators
  • Continuous updating of standards to reflect regulatory revisions and the evolution of best practices within the industry
  • A quality audit program under the continuing stewardship of IATA
  • Accredited audit organizations with formally trained and qualified auditors
  • Accredited training organizations with structured auditor training courses
  • A structured audit methodology, including standardized checklists
  • Elimination of audit redundancy through mutual acceptance of audit reports
  • Development of auditor training courses for the airline industry



Since 2015 the national carrier "Azerbaijan Airlines" CJSC (AZAL) was awarded  with a prestigious "4 Star" rating by the famous and most influential in the field of the airlines’ service quality evaluation British consulting company Skytrax.

AZAL was awarded this status based on the results of independent international audit  of Skytrax, which assessed the airline’s quality and level of service.

 The airlines rating by Skytrax is measured on a scale ranging from 1 to 5 "stars", and is recognized by the aviation community as an unbiased and indisputable criterion in evaluating service quality.

  According to the current rating of  Skytrax, only 38 airlines with a "4 stars" rating were recorded in the world, including such well-known global carriers like Emirates, Air France, Lufthansa, Turkish Airlines, KLM, British Airways, Japan Airlines and others.

Until recently, there was only one "4 stars" carrier registered among  the countries of Eastern Europe and the CIS.

  Before awarding AZAL "4 Star" rating, independent international auditors judged the company based on more than  800 criteria covering service quality and staff work standards.

Components such as an airline’s website, of the product as a whole airline's, presentation of information on it, convenience of online booking, and other services that are important from the point of passengers, were scrutinized.

Detailed assessment were also made into the cabin’s condition, its cleanliness ,  on-board entertainment; crew uniforms, the crew’s interactions with passengers,  as well as operating efficiency, duty free service, informativity content of a logbook, the quality of in-flight catering and comfortableness of seats.  

 In addition, the national carrier "Azerbaijan Airlines" CJSC was nominated for  Skytrax agency’s “World Airline Awards” in the category of "World Airline  that achieved  most progress”, and taking its second place of honor among such global carriers such as Air France and Delta Air Lines.

"Azerbaijani Airlines" CJSC (AZAL) meets all international aviation standards and endeavours to do everything to make your flights unforgettable.


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