Airbus A340-500

Manufacturer: Airbus SAS.

Airbus A340  — a four-engine, long-range, wide-body airplane manufactured by Airbus SAS. By the end of September, 2010, 374 airplanes of this type were delivered worldwide.
Its maiden flight took place on 19 November 1986. 

The program of development of A340 was launched in June, 1987. A340-500 was introduced to the world as one of the longest-range passenger airplanes. The maiden flight of A340-500 took place on 11February, was certified on 3December, 2002. A340-500 is able to take onboard up to 313 passengers on a distance of 16 thousand kilometers. 

In comparison with A340-300, the fuselage of A340-500 was extended by 3,3 meters, the area of a wing and horizontal plumage was increased, the fuel inventory was increased by one and a half times, cruising speed was increased, the keel area was reduced. On A340-500 even the cameras facilitating operation of the pilot during taxiing were set. 

Currently AZAL’s fleet include 2 Airbus A340-500 aircraft

Technical information

Flight crew 2-4
Cabin crew 8-13
Capacity 237 passengers
Maximum take-off weight 380 000 kg
Range 16 670 km
Cruise speed 885 km/h
Service ceiling 12 500 m
Length 67.87 m
Wingspan 63.45 m
Altitude 17.29 m


Seat map overview

Airbus A340-500 layout

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