Airbus A319

Airbus 319-100 is a short- to medium-range passenger jet airliner manufactured by Airbus. Airbus Industry embarked on a preliminary research of the 120-seat narrow-bodied variant of A320 in 1990. The initial plan was to remove seven rows of seats, hence the name A320 M-7. Subsequently the airliner was called A319. Officially the development program of Airbus 319-100 commended in late May 1992, while the actual work started in June 1993 after the consortium was convinced of market demand for A319. The direct competitors were American aircraft Boeing 737-300 and 737-500 and и Douglas MD-87. 

The first flight of Airbus 319-100 took place on 25 August 1995. Certification was completed in late March 1996 and in April the first A319 airliner was provided to our airline. In an effort to meet the demand, А319 modifications with V2500 engines are manufactured as well. Therefore, the airliners equipped with CFM56 engines are called А319-110, while those with V2500 engines are referred to as A319-130.


The airliner is equipped with EFIS digital avionics set similar to that of Airbus Industry А320.


СFM International CFM56-5A4 (2x9990), CFM56-5B5 (2x9990) or CFM56-5B6 (2x10670) 
Manufactured since 1995.

Currently AZAL’s fleet include 4 Airbus A319 aircraft.

Technical information

Flight crew 2-4
Cabin crew 3-5
Capacity 122 passengers
Maximum take-off weight 73 500 kg
Range 6845 km
Cruise speed 895 km/h
Service ceiling 11200 m
Length 33.84 m
Wingspan 34.10 m
Altitude 11.76 m


Seat map overview

Airbus A319 layout
Airbus A319 layout
Airbus A319 layout


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